For many homeowners, the garage simply becomes a glorified parking space and an area to store items that you couldn’t find a place for elsewhere. Yet, with a little bit of planning and design, the garage can be transformed into one of your favorite and most functional rooms in your home. Whether building an entirely new garage, adding a garage addition, or remodeling the current space, Masterworks is here to help you with your project. Through years of experience in the construction industry and a dedication to our customers’ ultimate satisfaction, you can rely on us for professional garage construction services.

Though seemingly straightforward, building residential garage spaces can become quite complicated. Incorporating creative and sensible storage solutions with comfort, safety, and functional needs can make even the most simple garage design a multi-faceted project. The building of a custom garage requires the skill and expertise of a construction specialist. As one of Detroit’s most sought-after and experienced home remodelers, we are the specialists you need.

The addition of a two- or three-car garage can dramatically increase the resale value of your property while providing the needed vehicle security and storage solutions your family requires. Offering protection and security for your valuable assets, a well-built custom garage promises to stand against the elements for decades. From basic to luxury, we can add the touches you need to make your garage uniquely yours. Whether replacing an existing structure or designing one from scratch, our team has the garage-building expertise needed to guarantee exceptional results.

At Masterworks, we would never expect you to settle for anything but the very best, as we refuse to settle ourselves. We always strive to raise the bar for the industry in all aspects of residential construction, keeping your satisfaction as our benchmark for success.

For exceptional craftsmanship at an affordable rate, call Masterworks Contracting.